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Olga Euben, College Counselor "I don't get people into college, I work with them to get themselves into college." - Olga Euben, College-For-You

Confused about which college to attend? Need help with all the choices facing you? Sure, you can get college counseling by feeding your criteria into computer programs. But how do you know what your criteria are? And should your computer program come up with a list of colleges, how can "it" and you know which ones would be best for you?

Working with you, one-on-one, I help you pinpoint the college choices that suit you best.

From the beginning, I work with you to enable you to define your academic, political, aesthetic, religious, and social values, which is the most vital part of any college search.

Helping you identify the colleges that match your interests and needs is only one service I provide. When it's time for applications -- submitting forms and writing essays -- I make sure you complete them correctly and make your best possible presentation. And since attending college is expensive, I will discuss opportunities for financing, financial aid, and scholarships with you and your parents.

My Pledge: I will be available to you and your family, as needed, throughout the college selection process -- from your sophomore year in high school to the day you leave for college.

College-For-You: Put over 20 years of college counseling experience -- on the east and west coasts, in the public and private sectors, at the high school and college levels -- to work for you.

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